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CENTRAL Heating Systems

CENTRAL Heating Systems

To make the whole building warm, central heating systems are the only solution. Make your life so much comfortable by keeping you supplied with sufficient heat and hot water by installing the central heating systems. We are the best service providers in the UK with the implementation of various other modern techniques to bring in an efficient solution.

Although the installation of the central heating system is facing a major drawback with the spread of warmth with the unoccupied rooms wherein some rooms need extra heat. In such cases, City Gas Heating Ltd provides individual room heating without considering the central heating systems. This creates the most environment-friendly solution using highly efficient boilers for condensing and thereby providing a future-proofing.


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Benefits ofCENTRAL Heating Systems

Environment Friendly

Less Costly

Easy Installation

Energy Efficient



Types of Central Heating Systems

The central heating system falls under any one of the following three types.

a) Wet central heating system

With the help of the boiler or heat exchanger or the radiators connected throughout the house, the water is supplied for bathing and washing. The wet central heating system is the most popular system in the UK, which implements boilers to burn fuel, heat exchangers to heat the water that feeds the network of pipes, and the radiators make the warm air circulate the space that requires heating.

b) Warm air system

The warm air heating system is continuing to be popular in North America. The boiler heats the air and typically circulates them through the connected room spaces that are fuelled with natural gas. The warm air, as a result, enters the room through the wall vent or any floor. These are more commonly used in the commercial spaces than in the residential areas. In the commercial building, this method of a central heating system is also widespread and used as the air conditioning system. But on the flip side, warm air systems are replaced by the wet air system in the residential home to make them efficient and comfortable.

c) Storage heating system

In the storage heating system, the brick is widely used as the storage for a large amount of heat. These are heated overnight and are released on the day to have a warm experience in the rooms. These are nothing but the individual storage heaters that rely on separate wiring systems to heat the water cistern. To an extent, these are sometimes referred to as the centralized heating process.

It is easy to determine how much electricity is used and how much heat is released. With the thermostatic control, these storage heaters will determine how much heat is generated for storing. Brick uses the most streamlined and the greater heat storage capability. Sometimes they can also serve as direct electric heaters without the storage stage.

Gas Vs Electric central heating system

Only when those cold mornings in the UK roll around, our boilers and radiators are up to the job. The central heating system installation is what we all take for granted.

a) Electric Central Heating System

The electric night storage heaters require easy installation methods when compared to the gas central heating apparatus. This method is expensive as the rate of electricity is four times that of the cost of the gas. There will be no instant control with the electric heaters, as they will be heated the next day morning when you switch them on in the night.
This type of central heating system requires a less service when compared to the gas boilers and are considered as the best alternative for the Oil or LPG or the standard storage heaters.

b) Gas Central Heating System

The gas heaters are cheaper when compared to the electric heaters. To get the home connected to the gas grids may be a costlier or lengthy approach. A continuous monitoring of the working of gas heaters is needed through a regular service.
We at City Gas Heating Ltd, provide a good idea on which is the best method of heating system that can be installed in your home with our expert professional advice. These are highly efficient in terms of good return on every unit of energy. The procedure for the installation of the condensing gas boilers with that of the standard gas boilers is relatively simple.


  • The boiler pumps heated water through the under floor pipes or into the radiators, which then release their heat gently into the home.
  • Because there is no forced air movement, there are no draughts, hot and cold spots or noisy fans to contend with. The heat is passive and unobtrusive. It warms objects and fabric within the room.
  • The process is superbly efficient. No water is actually consumed, and once the water is up to temperature the boiler modulates or switches off – while heat continues to be emitted from the pipes or radiators.
  • In UK , gas and diesel-fired boilers are most common. Most models can also produce hot water for domestic tap use. Some will even heat a spa or swimming pool as well as supplying the central heating and domestic hot water.
  • All systems are fitted with a thermostat and time controller, allowing warmth to be delivered only when it is needed. In addition, individual radiators are fitted with thermostats, allowing precise control over the heating supplied to different parts of the house. The more sophisticated underfloor systems can also be programmed to control the duration and level of heat supplied to individual rooms or zones.
  • A central heating system under floor pipes to deliver heat can only be installed in a new home or renovation, before the floor slab is laid.

City Gas Heating is the company to   for high quality plumbing and heating services. We specialize in the installation, repair and servicing of boilers and central heating systems, as well as undertaking combination boiler exchanges, and designing energy efficient heating and hot water systems for homes and light commercial premises. We are Gas Safe registered and fully City, Guilds and NVQ3 qualified and can issue Gas Safety certificates for landlords and supply and fit renewable energy products such as air source to water heat pumps. We do gas work for both natural gas and LPG. All our work comes with a free 10 year parts and labor warranty, and as a family run business, we offer a level of friendly customer service you'll find hard to beat. We have 2 decades of experience in the gas industry.

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