Mega flow Systems

Mega flow Water Boiler Systems

A good flow of water throughout your home by means of a connected pipe is possible with the Megaflow systems. These can be used by means of electricity to heat water when your home doesn’t have a good gas supply. In several places you can use the hot water and still get the good flow throughout your home.

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Benefits of Megaflow Systems

Extended Life Span

Reduce Risk

Greater Efficieny

Reduce Energy Bills



How does Mega flow system work?

The Mega flow boiler system is operated with a particular brand of cylinders and boilers called Megaflo. The water sits around the tank until someone puts the boiler on. When it comes to the cylinder that heats the water, it gets heated up and then sent to the taps. This process involves an immersion heater made of copper or stainless steel which heats the water either by the boiler, or by the electric water heater. The expanded facility of the mega flow cylinders controls the pressure from getting too high.

The benefits of installing mega flow boilers

  • A big advantage of the mega flow boiler is that they extinct the traditional water heating system with poor water pressure
  • The vent pipe draws the water from the mega flow cylinder using the gravity force and brings them to the taps for usage.
  • Several hot water taps at the same time is made possible. If you are in a joint family this will be helpful to use the shower, bath and sink wish at once by all the family members.
  • Enough speed when compared to the traditional mega flow cylinders and they tend to be less noisy with that of the traditional systems.
  • It is suitable if your home doesn’t have a sufficient gas supply. This mega flow cylinder helps in heating the water with the immersion heater.
  • This unvented cylinder system is completely sealed to avoid the water from getting contaminated as they stay in the tank for long days.
  • Less risk in subsequent flooding when they burst and frozen loft pipes.
  • You don’t have to rely on gravity when you use mega flow boilers, hence it can be put up anywhere you like.
  • There is no need for the cold water storage tanks and booster pumps.
  • It can be backed up when the boiler breaks down and to reduce the cost of the fuels, solar panels can be used for heating the water

Flip side of the mega flow boilers

  • Even though these can be installed anywhere you like, it still requires some space to put up.
  • You can enjoy the warm water as much as the cylinder heads, after the water runs out, you will not have unlimited hot water on demand, hence you will be using the cold water until it heats up again.
  • Good insulation methods are to be invested so as to avoid the wastage of energy and money that you spend on heating the water and it goes unused.
  • When installing these unvented cylinders, make sure proper services
  • To combat the risk of water overheating, extra safety measures are to be implemented. The megaflow cylinders aren't compatible with solid fuel burners and boilers without a thermostat
  • If the electric heater is connected with the combination boiler, they are less energy efficient.
  • Even if you use only a basin of hot water, the entire storage vessel is to be heated.

Are they safe?

Anything is considered safe in the way that we handle them. The Megaflow cylinders are incorporated with great safety measures. There is a temperature and a pressure release valve that indicates when there is an undesirable change with the boilers that hits unsafe temperature level. These cylinders must be installed by a proficient and experienced G3 engineer; and it is a legal requirement in the UK that all these installations must be certified and registered with the local Council.

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