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Choose the right Underfloor heating system in the UK that warms up your home. This radiant floor heating system is generally associated with stone or tiled floors that can fit in a carpeted room. When compared to the single radiator, underfloor heating system emits more heat.

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Benefits of Under Floor Heating Systems

Environment Friendly

Less Costly

Easy Installation

Energy Efficient



Why choose City Gas Heating?

With years of experience in this field, we offer a good partnership to you with the reasonable underfloor heating system cost. Our experts oversee every single project equally irrespective of its size to meet the needs of the customers. We are committed to offer every customer

  • We provide a genuine advice from the initial stages of choosing the right solution, through technical support. You can call us, or come down to the office, or can fix an appointment with our experience team to meet you on site.
  • We provide the highest quality tried and tested components. Our in-house development team ensures to offer the best heating solutions in the industry.
  • We are entitled to develop a bespoken approach to express the high level of performance with standard heating solutions.
  • We will give you the running costs at the time of design stage to make an informed decision. We give the very low long-term cost with little or no maintenance.

Warm your room with effective Underfloor heating systems

There are two types of underfloor heating systems.

a) Electric-based or dry systems
b) Water-based or wet systems

Electric-based or a dry heating system is less troublesome to install, but the cost of running is comparatively high. These are best suitable for smaller space such as bathrooms or some spots that are awkward to get to and are flatter than the wet systems. These are mostly used where there is less need for the heights of the floors to be altered. They provide comfortable, efficient and an alternative standard heating system which is easier to furnish. These represent the wide variety of non-corrosive cables that are connected to the power supply for the main purpose to control the heat output. This radiant heating system is quite reliable during the exploitation with low installation charges.

Tips to consider when installing Electric-based heating system

  • What is the type of floor?
  • How well the floor is insulated
  • And also determine the size of the room.

Water-based or wet heating system is the series of pipes that are interconnected to each other via a manifold. To heat the space it circulates the warm water throughout the floor because the warm water is evenly distributed in a single radiator at a lower temperature. These are typically connected to your boiler to use the warm water from the central heating system. A great savings on the running cost is possible while condensing the boiler as long it is capable. It is important to note that while installing the water-based system, whether the pipe is continuous to avoid the danger of leaks.

Pros of underfloor heating

  • These provide the invisible and the energy-efficient solution.
  • There will be large spread of the pleasant and radiant heat.
  • Helps in combining with the various optimal renewable resources.
  • There are architectural freedoms irrespective of the types of heating systems.
  • With proven quality and reliability there is a perfect solution for every building type.
  • With the reliable and proven products there will be a quick and easy installation even in old buildings
  • It provides heat evenly around the nooks and corners of the room and keeps the room entirely warm.
  • It doesn’t spoil the appearance or take up the space with ugly radiators.
  • Implementing the underfloor heating system your luxurious property can attract buyers with higher selling price than expected.

Cons of Underfloor heating

  • The process of implementing the underfloor heating is expensive and is difficult to install.
  • Creating a right condition under the floor of an old building is not time consuming and causes major disturbance in the habitat.
  • The time to warm the room or the space that is being under the heating system involves a long haul operation.
  • When you use the underfloor heating system in some part of your home, rest of the room is still chilly, so you need the radiators anyway.

Is it possible to install with self?

It is always better to seek an expert advice on which heating system to opt for before even investing on them. This will create a clear picture of the difficulties and the costs involved in the process of installation of these heating systems. There are various DIY techniques available online and that aids in installing the complete process by yourself once when you are comfortable and confident. For an electric-based system can be done by any individual, but for in the case of the water-based heating system you will be in need of a qualified professional as they have to be connected to the boiler.

Whichever type of heating system you choose to implement, you will need the support of an electrician to link the electricity supply and the sensor.

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  • Genuine, helpful advice

  • High quality heating solutions

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